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Sentinel of the Invisible - Jeanne LeBer

Title: Jeanne Le Ber – Sentinel of the Invisible
Artist: Kathleen Deignan
Year: 2005

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As her 17th century contemporaries sought to explore the new frontiers of the visible world, she set herself to a more daring enterprise in the wilderness of North America: “exploration into God.” *(Christopher Frye, “A Sleep of Prisoners”)

A tribute in word and song to an extraordinary solitary witness to the silent depths of divinity: Jeanne le Ber, Sentinel of the Invisible.

# Track
01. Oblation
02. The Song of Jeanne le Ber
03. Star Song
04. Here I Am O Lord
05. Beloved City
06. Celtic Peace Chant
07. O Jesus Joy
08. Soul Afire
09. Psalm of Thanksgiving
10. Psalm of Serenity
11. Going Home This Night
12. Psalm of the Beloved
13. Nightsong
14. The Spirit and the Bride
15. Jeanne's Litany