Schola Ministries

Kathleen Deignan at the Grange

Welcome to Schola Ministries, a cooperative venture in service of the contemplative and liturgical arts that provides a ministry platform to produce and share the musical compositions and creative works of Kathleen Deignan, C.N.D. and other Schola artists.

Since its founding in 1977, and re-founding in 1997, Schola Ministries has grown into a multi-faceted sacred arts company that has produced thirteen recordings of Deignan’s music, providing support for her work of spiritual animation in concert with a host of gifted friends.

Theologian, poet, and musician, Sister Kathleen has translated the depths of the Christian mystical tradition into a vibrant new repertoire of sacred song. Her original compositions give voice to a fresh experience of the divine, resonant with the lyricism of her Celtic soul and echoing the deep wisdom of masters of the spiritual life.

In concert with a host of generous benefactors and volunteers, gifted musicians, and skilled collaborators, Schola Ministries is a mission undertaken by those who wish to foster the tradition of sacred song and spiritual awakening sounding in Kathleen’s music and word for the re-enchantment of the human spirit.

We hope this website will be a virtual schola for all who visit here – a school of wisdom, praise and contemplative learning which it is Schola’s mission to serve in a variety of ways.

Join us in this wonderful project by making a tax deductible offering to this ministry of contemplative song.

Mission Statement (revised 2001)

The mission of Schola Ministries, Inc. is to support and promote the liturgical and contemplative arts particularly as expressed in the creative and musical repertoire Kathleen Deignan, C.N.D. and associated artists.

Its purpose and ministry is to:

  • Support and facilitate the recording projects of founding Schola artist Kathleen Deignan, CND.
  • Provide an administrative structure for their realization.
  • Seek grants and other funding sources for such projects.
  • Administer the affairs (financial, legal, etc.) of Schola Ministries, Inc.
  • Be the not-for-profit structure for the expression of Schola’s ministry of artistic evangelization.
  • Support other sacred arts projects, which may arise from this central mission.

Schola Ministries board

Sharon Terry – President
Laura Klauberg – Vice President
Mary Anne Foley – Secretary
Christopher O’Connor