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Glossary: Marion Najamy

Marion is a contemporary artist located in Fairfield, CT. Her work spans over 30 years of intricate compositions on numerous subjects. Recently Marion has decided to release her work to the general public. Those who know Marion know that the works presented will be extremely detailed and of the finest quality.

Marion began her musicianship at the early age of five, when family and friends realized her natural talent as a percussionist. Sitting at the feet of some of the finest middle eastern drummers, Marion honed her basic skills.

1969 – 1975 Marion was deeply involved as Drum Major with the Golden Buccaneers, Bridgeport, CT. As a Drum Major Marion moved from student to teacher leading the Golden Buccaneers through various competitions.

1986 Marion Joined the Benedictine Grange Music Ministry “Anima Schola”. Marion musicianship not only expands the artistic expression of Anima Schola, but her skills in reaching out to all the musicians is well noted. She clearly brings out the best in all of the musicians with her ability to communicate composition and arrangements.

Website: Minutes Art

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