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Pax Amor Christi: A Trinity of Songs

Title: Pax Amor Christi: A Trinity of Songs
Artist: Kathleen Deignan, Anima Schola
Year: 2000

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This sampler of songs by Deignan and Anima Schola is available in both CD and cassette formats.

Pax – Amor Christi is a blessing song inspired by an old Celtic prayer preserved in Alexander Carmichael’s collection “The Carmina Gadelica.” The ancient words are born again in this beautiful new incantation by Sister Kathleen Deignan, C.N.D. whose elaboration on the original prayer echoes the universal desire for peace. Performed with the liturgical ensemble Anima Schola, this song is from their recording “Stations: Songs for the Paschal Journey.”

Beloved City evokes the lyrical Celtic spirit that characterizes Deignan’s compositions. Drawn from the collection “Borne By Grace: Songs of Praise and Contemplation,” this song celebrates the community of creation in rich metaphors and full voices.

The Spirit and the Bride is a cosmic wedding anthem celebrating the wedding of earth and heaven. This mystical incantation sounds the keynote for the album “Bride Spirit: Songs of the Beloved.”

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01. Pax Amor Christi
02. Beloved City
03. The Spirit and the Bride