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Bride Spirit: Songs of the Beloved

Title: Bride Spirit: Songs of the Beloved
Artist: Kathleen Deignan, Anima Schola
Year: 1999

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This collection celebrates the Bride Spirit sung in a variety of voices and musical idioms. The sweet lyricism of Celtic prayers from the Carmina Gadelica alternates with the smoldering passion of Teresa of Avila’s prayer, pulsing to fiery rhythms of flamenco. The wise insight of Thomas Merton is sung in contemporary chant. The spirit of the Bride is evoked in the intimate whispers of the Hebrew psalmist, in the love song of the Canticle of Canticles, and in the comic wedding theme of the Book of Revelation. This collection draws from the depths of the Christian mystical tradition and from Sister Kathleen’s own poetry to create an album of haunting contemplative depth, enriched by stellar array of voices and the musical artistry of Paul Avgerinos this collection of sacred love songs celebrates the bridal soul and echoes the eternal invitation of the Spirit and the Bride: “Come to the banquet of deep communion, come to the feast of life.” -Kathleen Deignan, CND

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01. Oblation
02. Season of Glad Song
03. I Am Thine
04. Nada
05. Song of the Beloved
06. Soul Afire
07. Queen's Song
08. The Spirit and the Bride
09. Sophia is Gift
10. Ave Maria