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A Book of Hours: At Prayer with Thomas Merton

Title: A Book of Hours: At Prayer with Thomas Merton
Artist: Kathleen Deignan
Year: 2009

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Also available, Kathleen’s book of the same title at Ave Maria Press.

An audio breviary created by Kathleen Deignan, CND composed of the prayers, poems and psalms of the spiritual master who has taught the world to pray.

Drawn from her edited volume Thomas Merton: A Book of Hours (Sorin Books 2007), she has inter-laced his mystical world with her scared song to weave a sound tapestry for prayer at dawn and dusk each day that will encompass you in stillness or in motion, in solitude or while moving through the busyness of your life.

With Jonathan Montaldo of the Merton Institute for Contemplative Living and Paul Avgerinos of Studio Unicorn, Kathleen invites you to be at prayer with Thomas Merton and savor of grace of contemplative presence.

# Track Hear
01. Dawn: Sunday
02. Dawn: Monday
03. Dawn: Tuesday
04. Dawn: Wednesday
05. Dawn: Thursday
06. Dawn: Friday
07. Dawn: Saturday
08. Dusk: Sunday
09. Dusk: Monday
10. Dusk: Tuesday
11. Dusk: Wednesday
12. Dusk: Thursday
13. Dusk: Friday
14. Dusk: Saturday