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Fri 02 September 2011ShareComment

From 1975 to the present Kathleen has been leader of song and composer in residence at the Benedictine Grange, a vibrant Christian worship community in West Redding, Connecticut founded and directed by Father john Giuliani. Over the years many fine musicians have offered their gift in the Grange Schola with this core ensemble: Beth Bradley, Kathleen Deignan CND, Gregory Hauck, Marion Najamy, Gina Sader-Rubenstein, and Greta Sibley.

For decades they have been developing a sound and style that is unique in the world of contemporary sacred music. Offering a variety of musical gifts, they interweave the evocative sounds of Native American flute, recorder, medieval psaltry, acoustic guitar, African rattles and tambourines, with the intensity of Middle Eastern percussion. Expressing the Celtic lyricism and fluidity of Deignan’s soulful songs in rich multi-layered vocal harmonization, they create a sound at once celestial and earthy, contemplative and ecstatic. Their signature sound is heard on recordings “Sabbath: Songs for Worship” and “Stations: Songs for the Paschal Journey”.

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