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The spiritual master Thomas Merton has inspired and challenged generations of spiritual seekers regarding the sacred dimensions of our personal, social, and political lives and continues to emerge as a spiritual luminary for the 21st Century. His sapiential legacy bears special import for our world culture since it identifies and illuminates various issues that articulate a contemporary narrative of the spiritual life. Indeed Merton himself stands as exemplar and capitulator of the modern spiritual experience and his prophetic life anticipated some new designs currently unfolding in global spirituality.

For more than thirty years, Sister Kathleen has been introducing new generations of spiritual seekers to the radically prophetic voice of Thomas Merton honoring his stature and significance as a contemporary “Father of the Church,” and “Master of Christian Spirituality.” In a variety of formats with a host of audiences, she has been exploring Merton’s vision of the Christian life in the modern age, as he boldly examines the social, political, and moral dimensions of living the life of “the new man / woman” in a world of violence, injustice, and global ecological peril.

Merton stands in lineage with a host of 20th century visionaries who not only announced the crises of our time, but also identified routes of recovery and social salvation. Though his genius and appeal are uniquely American and Catholic, he echoes with exceptional authenticity and boldness the voices of the prophetic traditions of Judaism and Christianity, the mystical depth of Islam’s Sufism, the wisdom traditions of Asia and Native America, and the poetic challenge of his wide network of culture critics and creatives.

This celebrated American monk, mystic and prophet awakens in us his desire for contemplation, passion for justice, appetite for Buddhism, and a great love for the natural world. As his legacy unfolds what comes to light in particular is the depth of his mystical attunement to the natural world as the ground of contemplative awakening. By following Merton along his spiritual path, we may explore the legacy of this exceptional spiritual master and draw upon his wisdom and insight for our own lives.

Sister Kathleen has developed a variety of offerings available in different formats to present the rich themes and issues that comprise the spiritual teaching of Thomas Merton. These lectures, retreats and courses – offered in a contemplative way – are enriched by image, practice and song.

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Merton Offerings

Meeting Merton Again for the First Time Praying the Hours with Thomas Merton
Desecrated Sanctuary: Thomas Merton and Thomas Berry on Healing the Natural World The Present Festival: Thomas Merton’s Creation Spirituality
Notes on the Inner Experience Thomas Merton and Thomas Berry: Masters of Soul and of the Cosmos
Thomas Merton and the Shakers Merton’s Mary: An Advent Retreat
Merton and the Three Advents Merton and the Desert Masters: A Lenten Retreat
Thomas Merton and Mary Oliver – A Lenten Retreat Reading the Book of Creation: A Brief Tutorial with Thomas Merton and Thomas Berry
Thomas Merton: Soul of the Age Thomas Merton’s Celtic Spirit
Thomas Merton: Ecological Prophet Thomas Merton: Recovering the Paradise Mind
Thomas Merton’s Teaching on Natural Contemplation Thomas Merton and the Wisdom of the East
Thomas Merton and the Wisdom of the Desert

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