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Thomas Berry (1914 – 2009) is one of the prophets of our time who wrote about the human relationship with the Earth and the universe with unrivalled perception, intelligence and grace. Through a series of books and essays, Berry articulated a new Earth-based spirituality that integrates the evolutionary perspectives of science with wisdom drawn from sacred traditions. His work stands as a major contribution to the development of an emerging ecological civilization in which the human fully recognizes and integrates with the Earth community.

Sister Kathleen had the privilege of being a student and mentee of Father Berry’s and has committed her ministry to transmitting the wisdom and challenge of this exceptional thinker, geologian, and ecological visionary. We hope that some of the resources offered by Schola Ministries will serve the great awakening to which we are being summoned for the life of the Earth, and The Great Work of being re-born as a New Creation.

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Thomas Berry and Kathleen Deignan

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