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Fri 17 December 2010ShareComment

From Marianne McShane, originally from Ireland, now in Connecticut;

Dear Evelyn,
I’m still on some otherworldly plane after last night. Thank you again for letting me know about the concert – it was truly transforming. For me it wove together so many strands that are important in my life – the Celtic Christian tradition, my Irish language, the stories (I tell the Children of Lír and the Selkie story), harp music, and the beautiful voices and poetry. And I probably never would have known it was happening just five miles away if you hadn’t told me! I loved meeting Robbi from Belfast! That’s where I went to school – with the Dominicans. Anyway, I can’t even express all I am feeling now…

… Just spent some time looking around the Schola website and saw that wonderful picture of you and Kathleen when you were at Sacred Heart. Can’t wait to find out more, and the next Sunday I’m here I want to go to Mass at the Grange.

I’ve been playing Fionnuala’s CD this morning and now at 8:00 the Irish Language program comes on WFUV, followed by an entire morning of traditional music. I’ll be well energized for my shift at Main!

Enjoy the day.
Love – Marianne

P.S. I’m sending an email about the Fairfield concert to a bunch of people I know up there who would love to see it!

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