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Fri 17 December 2010ShareComment

Dear Cait (Kathleen),

I trust your are recuperating from the tour. I want to ask you to please forward what follows to Fionnula and Robbi.

I had a conversation with Katy Haigh last Tuesday evenin. I asked her what she thought of the concert (Wilton, Connecticut), to which she replied positively. I asked how she responded to Robbi – she then sang a little bit of tune with vocables similar to Robbi’s sean-nós singing.

She wrote, “He [Robbi] was different.”

Q. How was he different?
A: Katy: “He was the music. He made music with his body, hands and face. He interested me with his difference and surprised me with his song. He was into sound unfettered.”

She finished with “[I] loved them for coming to meet me.” I asked her if I might share her thoughts with the singers and she agreed. Thanks for having undertaken the Spirit Seeking project and please convey the above accolades to all involved.

Take care.
Peace & Wellbeing,

Evelyn Avoglia (a.k.a “Dr. Ev”) Ph.D., DBA MusicMakingMe

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