Reviews » Appreciation for ‘The Gift’ & ‘A Garden Once Again’ from Deborah Rafter

Fri 05 August 2011ShareComment

It was an honor to meet you in late spring at the Sophia Center in Oakland, CA. I am writing to you today to tell you how moved my spirit is not only by your Great Work instruction at the Sophia Center but also, your songs, the words, the music, the tones. My soul has not been lifted this high since when, I was a young girl romping on Lake Erie beaches at the age of 5, being enthralled with all beautiful forms of Nature and Nature sounds. Kathleen your presence, your voice, your singing, is magnificent and while listening intently, I sometimes spontaneously imagine, is this what it was like for people 900 years ago when they listened to Hildegard von Bingen music? Thank you Kathleen for your Great Work. Thank you for lifting my soul and spirit to a greater height.

Deborah Jane Rafter

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