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The Servant's Heart: Songs of Devotion

Title: The Servant’s Heart: Songs of Devotion
Artist: Kathleen Deignan
Year: 2002

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Originally recorded in 1979 by Bill Hallam of the Rhyme Cellar, this new album recasts the purity and simplicity of that creative period in a vibrant setting of orchestral subtlety and richness by Paul Avgerinos of Studio Unicorn.

This album is marked by a stunning clarity seldom heard in contemporary recordings that are often technically over-worked. But here, in one chapel, with one microphone, in one take, Deignan’s one voice, in harmony with Evelyn Avoglia and percussionist Gina Sader-Rubenstein, conspires to create one simple, elegant psalter of devotion. This recording is dedicated to her mentor and muse, Carolyn Brown-Senier.

Over the decades during which these songs were written, our awareness has grown that customary God-language can come limit the faith and vision of believers. If this is the case with any of the words used to name or image God in songs, we encourage you to adapt them.

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01. As the Doe Longs for Running Streams
02. Magnificat
03. My Shelter is with Him
04. YHWH Let Your Love Rest On Us
05. Little Magnificat
06. Bring Us to the Wedding Feast
07. YHWH Teach Me Your Way
08. Stay With Us Lord
09. Everlasting Sabbath
10. Song of the Suffering Servant
11. God Will Wipe Away Every Tear
12. I Believe I Shall See
13. I Must Grow Less
14. Song of the Ransomed
15. I Will Exult
16. Let Your Hearts Rejoice
17. The Servant’s Heart