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Sentinel of the Invisible (2005)

Title: Jeanne Le Ber – Sentinel of the Invisible
Artist: Kathleen Deignan
Year: 2005

Stations (1997)

Title: Stations: Songs for the Paschal Journey
Artist: Kathleen Deignan, Schola
Year: 1997

Sabbath (2000)

Title: Sabbath: Songs for Worship
Artist: Kathleen Deignan
Year: 2000

A Garden Once Again (2010)

Title: A Garden Once Again: Songs in Celebration of Creation
Artist: Kathleen Deignan
Year: 2010
Dedication: A Tribute to Fr. Thomas Berry

Ave (2009)

Title: Ave: Songs of the Congregation of Notre Dame
Artist: Kathleen Deignan, CND & Mary Anne Foley, CND
Year: 2009

Bride Spirit (1999)

Title: Bride Spirit: Songs of the Beloved
Artist: Kathleen Deignan, Anima Schola
Year: 1999

Borne by Grace (1998)

Title: Borne by Grace: Songs of Contemplation and Praise
Artist: Kathleen Deignan, Anima Schola
Year: 1998

The Gift (2008)

Title: The Gift: Songs of the Grateful Heart
Artist: Kathleen Deignan
Year: 2008

Returning (2003)

Title: Returning: Songs for the Journey Home
Artist: Kathleen Deignan
Year: 2003

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