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Heretic Blood: An Audiobiography by Michael Higgins

For those who have spent the better part of their lives reading the life and legacy of Thomas Merton, listening to the audiobiography Heretic Blood will be a fresh encounter with the man whose story has become a twentieth-century spiritual epic. For those new generations of Mertonphiles still at the foothills of the many-storied mountain […]

Thomas Merton, My Brother: His Journey Into Freedom, Compassion and Final Integration

Basil Pennington has added another insightful volume to his own growing corpus of writings on his friend and fellow Cistercian with the collection of essays Thomas Merton, My Brother: His Journey Into Freedom, Compassion and Final Integration. Gathering papers which were prepared for a variety of formats and audiences over the years, Pennington manages to […]

Thomas Merton: A Book of Hours

Stunning illustrations illuminate this beautifully conceived & intelligently executed contemporary psalter, a resource that presents Merton entirely as a source for daily prayer & contemplation. Prayer, prose & poetry are interwoven with graceful illustrations to form a spiritual tapestry.

Wisdom’s Prophet: Thomas Merton’s Exhortation for Transformative Education

Wisdom’s Prophet: Thomas Merton. He stands as one of the great spiritual luminaries of the 20th century, whose legacy promises to endure well into this new millennium. Monk, poet, writer, social critic, ecuminist, journalist, correspondent, peace maker, and mystic, Merton has left a staggering intellectual corpus addressing a vast range of concerns from war, racism […]

Thomas Merton: Soul of the Age

Having crossed the threshold to the third millennium of Christian faith, believers have a new vantage point for assessing the legacy of one of the great spiritual masters of the last century. Retrospective, however, is hardly appropriate for gauging the phenomenon of Thomas Merton, for we do not look back to recover his significance for […]

El Libro de las Horas

Este libro, imaginado y dado a luz por Kathleen Deignan, reúne algunos de los más bellos y reveladores pasajes de las obras de Thomas Merton, dispuestos a modo de oraciones para rezar cada día de la semana al amanecer, por la mañana, por la tarde y por la noche. El resultado es una versión contemporánea de la tradicional forma de libro de oración que llamamos “Libro de las Horas”.

A Meeting of Angels: The Correspondence of Thomas Merton with Edward Deming and Faith Andrews

Over the sink in the kitchen of Merton’s hermitage is a Shaker spirit drawing, “The Tree of Life” that hangs like a memory of Merton’s fascination with that Peculiar People called the Shakers. It was the gift of Edward Deming Andrews, the token of a friendship celebrated in this collection of correspondence edited with an […]

Masters of the Cosmos and the Soul: Thomas Berry and Thomas Merton in Dialogue

Thomas Merton and Thomas Berry are, arguably, two of the most exceptional Catholic thinkers of the twentieth century, whose import will increase in centuries to come. Since his death in 1968, scholars have had the opportunity to research and explicate the enormous library of wisdom left us by Thomas Merton. Now, with the death of […]

Księga godzin

Księga godzin – ułożone w rytmie tradycyjnego horarium Brzasku, Dnia, Zmierzchu i Zmroku rozważania i poezje Thomasa Mertona, jednego z największych mistrzów duchowych XX wieku – zaprasza do medytacji i zachęca do odkrywania bogactwa chrześcijańskiego dziedzictwa.

Love for the Paradise Mystery – Thomas Merton: Contemplative Ecologist

‘Love for the paradise mystery’ is a dominant motif woventhrough all the writings of Thomas Merton—a gossamer thread of mystical insight and prophetic urgency that fastens together theassemblage of his multi-focused literary legacy. Now, forty years after hisdeath, a pentimento pattern of ecological consciousness becomes evidentthroughout his corpus as its complexity and unity become more […]

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