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The Legacy of Thomas Merton

The spiritual master Thomas Merton has inspired and challenged generations of spiritual seekers regarding the sacred dimensions of our personal, social, and political lives and continues to emerge as a spiritual luminary for the 21st Century. His sapiential legacy bears special import for our world culture since it identifies and illuminates various issues that articulate […]

Thomas Merton: Soul of the Age

Having crossed the threshold to the third millennium of Christian faith, believers have a new vantage point for assessing the legacy of one of the great spiritual masters of the last century. Retrospective, however, is hardly appropriate for gauging the phenomenon of Thomas Merton, for we do not look back to recover his significance for […]

A Meeting of Angels: The Correspondence of Thomas Merton with Edward Deming and Faith Andrews

Over the sink in the kitchen of Merton’s hermitage is a Shaker spirit drawing, “The Tree of Life” that hangs like a memory of Merton’s fascination with that Peculiar People called the Shakers. It was the gift of Edward Deming Andrews, the token of a friendship celebrated in this collection of correspondence edited with an […]

Love for the Paradise Mystery – Thomas Merton: Contemplative Ecologist

‘Love for the paradise mystery’ is a dominant motif woventhrough all the writings of Thomas Merton—a gossamer thread of mystical insight and prophetic urgency that fastens together theassemblage of his multi-focused literary legacy. Now, forty years after hisdeath, a pentimento pattern of ecological consciousness becomes evidentthroughout his corpus as its complexity and unity become more […]

Thomas Merton: The Hermit in New York

A new play about Thomas Merton will take place on Sunday, January 10th at 2:30pm in St. Joseph’s Greenwich Village Church, 371 Sixth Avenue, New York. This play about Thomas Merton, written by Teresa Weed and produced by the Still Point Theatre Collective of Chicago begins on a weekend in New York when Merton met […]

Masters of the Cosmos and the Soul: Thomas Berry and Thomas Merton in Dialogue

Thomas Merton and Thomas Berry are, arguably, two of the most exceptional Catholic thinkers of the twentieth century, whose import will increase in centuries to come. Since his death in 1968, scholars have had the opportunity to research and explicate the enormous library of wisdom left us by Thomas Merton. Now, with the death of […]

Within the Shadow and the Disguise: Thomas Merton’s Sacramental Vision

The selection from the Asian Journal1 chosen as the context for our reflection is a hauntingly rich evocation of Merton’s whole spiritual biography which in a poetic way summarizes the familiar themes that were the preoccupation of his life. At the end of the impressionistic remembrance of his visit to Polonnaruwa just days before his […]

Wisdom’s Prophet: Thomas Merton’s Exhortation for Transformative Education

Wisdom’s Prophet: Thomas Merton. He stands as one of the great spiritual luminaries of the 20th century, whose legacy promises to endure well into this new millennium. Monk, poet, writer, social critic, ecuminist, journalist, correspondent, peace maker, and mystic, Merton has left a staggering intellectual corpus addressing a vast range of concerns from war, racism […]

Across the Rim of Chaos: Thomas Merton’s Prophetic Vision

The published proceedings of the Fifth General Conference of the Thomas Merton Society of Great Britain and Ireland in 2004 compose a rich and challenging set of reflections on the crisis of living faith and faithful living in this world of war and terror. The title of the conference and of the book is drawn […]

The Forest Is My Bride: Thomas Merton’s Writings on Nature

The mystery of Thomas Merton’s marriage to the forest is a rich and overlooked sub-theme in one of the most celebrated spiritual stories of modern times. A contemplative master of monumental fame and significance, Thomas Merton’s life reads like a great drama in which all the crises and challenges of modernity are portrayed in the […]

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