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Borne by Grace (1998)

Title: Borne by Grace: Songs of Contemplation and Praise
Artist: Kathleen Deignan, Anima Schola
Year: 1998

Bride Spirit (1999)

Title: Bride Spirit: Songs of the Beloved
Artist: Kathleen Deignan, Anima Schola
Year: 1999

Ave (2009)

Title: Ave: Songs of the Congregation of Notre Dame
Artist: Kathleen Deignan, CND & Mary Anne Foley, CND
Year: 2009

Returning (2003)

Title: Returning: Songs for the Journey Home
Artist: Kathleen Deignan
Year: 2003

Christ Spirit: The Eschatology of Shaker Christianity

When the Trees Say Nothing

In this first collection of his nature writings, Thomas Merton is revealed as a man whose spirituality is deeply rooted in the natural world – an environmentalist ahead of his time.

Across the Rim of Chaos: Thomas Merton’s Prophetic Vision

The published proceedings of the Fifth General Conference of the Thomas Merton Society of Great Britain and Ireland in 2004 compose a rich and challenging set of reflections on the crisis of living faith and faithful living in this world of war and terror. The title of the conference and of the book is drawn […]

Within the Shadow and the Disguise: Thomas Merton’s Sacramental Vision

The selection from the Asian Journal1 chosen as the context for our reflection is a hauntingly rich evocation of Merton’s whole spiritual biography which in a poetic way summarizes the familiar themes that were the preoccupation of his life. At the end of the impressionistic remembrance of his visit to Polonnaruwa just days before his […]

Seeking Paradise: The Spirit of the Shakers

On December 10, 1960 Thomas Merton wrote to Shaker scholar Edward Deming Andrews expressing his interest in writing a book about the highly celebrated and enigmatic 19th century American utopian community, known as the Millennial Church and popularly called the Shakers. Sadly, Merton never realized that intention. But in Seeking Paradise: The Spirit of the […]

The Forest Is My Bride: Thomas Merton’s Writings on Nature

The mystery of Thomas Merton’s marriage to the forest is a rich and overlooked sub-theme in one of the most celebrated spiritual stories of modern times. A contemplative master of monumental fame and significance, Thomas Merton’s life reads like a great drama in which all the crises and challenges of modernity are portrayed in the […]

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